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Get the Edge at Roulette

get the edge of roulette Christopher Pawlicki’s roulette game guide reveal all possible secrets on roulette gambling/ Due to his experience in computer science and physics he was able to make an comprehensive overview of all existing roulette strategies and created his own one.

Amazon price: $ 13.95

Secrets Of Winning Roulette

secrets of winning roulette 2nd edition of Secrets Of Winning Roulette by Marten Jensen is a must have of each roulette gambler. All the strategies and methods described here are successfully used by prominent roulette players to beat this game. Maybe it is your turn to use them?

Amazon price: $ 14.95

Killer Roulette

green check Don’t you want to play roulette? After reading Killer Roulette book you will definitely want to make some bets at casino, as it tells the most fantastic stories of bettings and winnings. Find your gambling inspiration right in this book!

Amazon price: $ 19.95

RouletteOnlineBook > Roulette Myths: Section Shooting

If you have ever experienced a losing session at a casino then you would have also felt that need to blame someone else for your loss. It goes down the gullet easier. In roulette, who better to blame than the dealer, and one such myth that roulette players have created to help them point the finger is called Section Shooting.

So what is Section Shooting?

RouletteOnlineBook > Roulette Myths: Section Shooting

Section Shooting is an alleged method used by roulette dealers to avoid sections of the wheel that are containing the highest amount of bets at the table. They make sure that they release the ball at exactly the right time, and trajectory, so the highest winning bets are avoided.

If you have spent enough time sat at the roulette wheel or playing roulette online with the likes of Unibet, you will know that this is an incredibly complex act to create. The wheel is no slouch when it comes to spinning and so it’s incredibly difficult to believe that a human could launch the ball with that kind of accuracy.

Furthermore, with a 2.36% house edge, why on earth would the casinos wish to go down this route? These tables already create a great amount of income without the need to introduce a shadier element into the game.

Finally, the house would have to teach, and instruct, the dealers to section shoot. There are hundreds of thousands of dealers around the world. That’s a lot of people’s mouths that have to remain schtum, and given the high turnover of casino staff, there is never a shortage of disgruntled former dealers ready to tell a story or two.

Section Shooting?

It’s nothing but a myth.

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