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Get the Edge at Roulette

Christopher Pawlicki’s roulette game guide reveal all possible secrets on roulette gambling/ Due to his experience in computer science and physics he was able to make an comprehensive overview of all existing roulette strategies and created his own one.

Amazon price: $13.95

Secrets Of Winning Roulette

2nd edition of Secrets Of Winning Roulette by Marten Jensen is a must have of each roulette gambler. All the strategies and methods described here are successfully used by prominent roulette players to beat this game. Maybe it is your turn to use them?

Amazon price: $14.95

Killer Roulette

Don’t you want to play roulette? After reading Killer Roulette book you will definitely want to make some bets at casino, as it tells the most fantastic stories of bettings and winnings. Find your gambling inspiration right in this book!

Amazon price: $19.95

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Double or Nothing on Roulette

The films or movies which feature roulette have depicted some heroic characters as being to bet moneys are earning even bigger payouts from the game which led to its popularity and glamour. Many people think it is better to play roulette just to be like some characters watched on movies. And these are seen as having been responsible for some crazy bets that players have made at roulette casinos which have also caused some of such players to be extremely popular.

Online roulette is really a simple game and is largely seen to be so. It is a game of pure mathematical probability. The real strategy in winning a roulette lies in choosing the type of bet to make. Bets which offer a 50 - 50 chance of winning offer payout ratios of 1 to 1. It means that it is very easy to double your money by betting on even numbers or odd numbers which constitute nearly half of the slots on a roulette table. The near possibility of doubling a wager by betting on even numbers led to the development of Martingale system of wagering.

A famous example of roulette's double or nothing is that of one Ashley Revell who in 2004 sold all his possessions including personal clothes to the sum $135,000 dollars and wagered the entire sum with the maxim of double or nothing. Ashley wagered on Red and won and left his Las Vegas hotel with $270,000. The event was filmed and Ashley later used part of his money to open an online poker company.

Beating the Roulette Wheel

Roulette is a game of wheel. Mathematically the wheel can not be beaten but in reality it can be beaten. Mathematically, probabilities represent equal chances for certain outcomes occurring. It has long been assumed that in roulette this fact holds but it has been proved that real wheels are different from mathematical wheels. In 1873, an Englishman, Joseph Jaggers, discovered one wheel at Monte Carlo casino which had some considerable bias and exploited it to win a sum of over $325,000 which was an incredible figure then. Today there are more accurate testing measures and wheels are thoroughly and regularly tested and calibrated leaving little room for the kind of Joseph Jaggers' luck. But compared to other gambling games, roulette offers serious possibilities of winning in a much simper way.

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Interesting Bets

There is some special glamour on roulette for which reason it features prominently on many movies where it portrayed as a heroic game. It is used not only during roulette scam.

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Roulette Strategy

There is no roulette strategy which will guarantee you a lot winning chances (even if you are the Roulette King) though there are certain things you can do to minimize your odds.

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