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Get the Edge at Roulette

get the edge of roulette Christopher Pawlicki’s roulette game guide reveal all possible secrets on roulette gambling/ Due to his experience in computer science and physics he was able to make an comprehensive overview of all existing roulette strategies and created his own one.

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Secrets Of Winning Roulette

secrets of winning roulette 2nd edition of Secrets Of Winning Roulette by Marten Jensen is a must have of each roulette gambler. All the strategies and methods described here are successfully used by prominent roulette players to beat this game. Maybe it is your turn to use them?

Amazon price: $ 14.95

Killer Roulette

green check Don’t you want to play roulette? After reading Killer Roulette book you will definitely want to make some bets at casino, as it tells the most fantastic stories of bettings and winnings. Find your gambling inspiration right in this book!

Amazon price: $ 19.95

RouletteOnlineBook > General Casino Glossary – Terms to Remember

RouletteOnlineBook > General Casino Glossary – Terms to Remember

When you just start your online gambling path, you might be embarrassed by lots of terms that are so popular in casino world but may sound weird for you. Thus, here we give you a short vocabulary of the key terms each gambler should know by heart.


This is a general word for the amount of money that is betted on a game over a given period of time.


This is an alternative name for a croupier. The person who controls paying wins and collecting losses is known as the banker.


When a player is dealt an ace and either a face card or a ten as their first two cards in the game Blackjack. This is a winning hand and cannot be beaten.


This is the amount of money that is wagered on a game or sport. Each casino game has its own betting rules and types. Our roulette experts have gathered the info on interesting way to bet on roulette at this page.


A cashable or non-cashable reward a player may claim in exchange of signing up or getting a certain stage in a casino game. You can find out more about casino bonus types at this web-site


These are tokens with a stated value on their face that are used as currency in a casino. Cash is not accepted at casino tables. They are available in numerous denominations.

Double Bet

This term relates to the bet that a player normally places. A double bet is twice the amount of his usual bet.

Face Card

A face card is any king, queen, or jack from the four suits of cards namely hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades.

First Base

The first base is the player situated immediately to the left of the dealer who receives the first card when dealing commences.

Gaming Floor

This is the area of the casino in which legal gambling takes place.


The number of cards that a player holds in any one game is referred to as their hand.

High Roller

A high roller is a person who places very large bets. In some casinos they have a room specially reserved for these players.

House Edge

The betting advantage of the house is determined by paying odds that are less than real odds.


Odds are described as the ratio between the amount of the original bet and amount that is won.


This is the amount of money a player wins on a given bet.

Pit Boss

The Pit Boss is a person who is employed by the casino to oversee the smooth running of the gaming floor.


This is the general name that is given to people who place bets in a casino.


This is the last stage of any bet. The dealer either collects the losing chips or pays out the winning chips.


The stickman is the person who calls the game and holds the stick that collects the losing bets and pays out the winning bets. This is done by pushing the chips with a stick.

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